Little Boy Blue

My son is blue. And I don’t mean sad. This morning, while we tried to sleep in a bit, Reed decided to make a concoction in the kitchen. Since we lock the fridge at night, he had to use what he could find in the cupboard. He decided that spices and food coloring would do nicely. He is blue from his elbows down, and has a neat ring around his mouth. Have you ever seen The Abyss? You know that scene where Ed Harris digs his wedding band out of the toilet, and his arm is blue for the remainder of the movie? That’s what Reed’s arm looks like. My only hope is that the blue washes off before his first day of school in 3 weeks. My kitchen now smells so strongly of sage, bay leaves, and onion powder that I can barely breathe. Other casualties include: the Italian seasoning, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, and the other 3 colors of food coloring. I must admit, if I wasn’t so furious, it would have been impressive. It made quite an interesting swirl down the drain as I rinsed out the mixing bowl he had filled with nearly my entire spice inventory.

So much for sleeping in.


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