I’m blowin’ this Popsicle stand!

Heath and I are off tomorrow afternoon for a romantic (ha!) getaway to an indoor waterpark. We are, at least, signed up for the “Romantic Getaway” package. But I doubt we’ll spend much time together being romantic,Image hosted by Photobucket.com Oh well, 36 continuous hours without children is as close as I can hope for to paradise this year. Despite my cynicism, I am really looking forward to getting away and having some fun with Heath. His mom’s current illness has been draining Heath like I’ve never seen him before. I’m hoping that he can relax a bit and enjoy himself before he drives himself too crazy over this whole situation. Although he hasn’t said so, I suspect that this is the motivation behind changing our reservations from the bed and breakfast we had originally chosen to the waterpark. He needs to be busy to get away from his sadness, and that’s completely understandable.

Hopefully I’ll be a little less cranky when I return.


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