The Big U

Update time:

First: The Big One (aka: Reed) has been to Occupational Therapy twice now. Not only does he love it, but his therapist loves him, which makes me love it too. They work great together, and she has an uncanny ability to get Reed to do things he won’t do for many people (like voluntarily writing, for example), which is awesome. I’ve never seen him bond to someone so quickly. It feels really wonderful to feel that we made the right decision in putting him in therapy. They are working together on small motor skills (because his penmanship is atrocious), and coordination (because the boy could fall off the Earth if he tried hard enough). She plans to tackle his meager sensory issues later on, after she gets a better feel for his needs in that area. For now, his sensory issues aren’t really impeding his functioning, so we’re going to let them slide a bit longer and concentrate on the more pressing matters. In other news, he had Behavioral therapy this afternoon, and it went well. I had a nice chat with his therapist, as did he. She grilled him (not really) about his recent indiscretions, and declared that we’d hold off on any new tactics until we get the results of his testing at school (they’re testing him officially for PDD and possibly Asperger’s to determine what special services he qualifies for through the school). She’ll be moving to a new office before our next visit, and I’m a little apprehensive about how Reed will adjust to the change, since he’s only just starting to get comfortable with this office, and we’ve been going there since August.

Now on to The Little One (technically named Owen): He has had 3 sessions of Speech Therapy, and seems to be improving. He’s starting to warm up to the idea, and seems to adore his therapist (this is not surprising, however, since he is the biggest toddler flirt I’ve ever seen). He repeated “up”, “ball” (“bah” anyway), and “kitty” (he’s been saying it at home for a while, but it has become quite clear in the last week or so), as well as correctly identifying (by pointing) Mr. Potato Head’s eyes, mouth, nose, shoes, and hair. Up until then, he had been able to identify some body parts (feet, belly, mouth, and nose) on himself, but didn’t seem to understand that everyone contained those parts. This feels like a huge milestone. I have no idea if it’s really as big a step as it feels, but who cares?

I think that’s about it for us this week.


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  1. February 17, 2006 at 6:10 pm


    Both Reed and Owen are making great strides! Sounds like you found a great OT for Reed. A good therapist is priceless.

    Owen is also doing great too. He knows a lot of body parts! The speech will come, sounds like he is on his way! Just when you least expect it, Owen will be talking all the time :o)
    Gabe is now quite comfortable telling me “No” when he doesn’t want something and “Yes” when he does. I never thought that would happen.


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