I hate waiting. I’ve never been a patient person anyway, and all this waiting is killing me. Waiting for referrals, waiting for evaluations, waiting for diagnosis, waiting for appointments, waiting for results. It sucks.

I’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the results of Reed’s special ed testing at school. They have 30 school days from the date of our first meeting with the IEP team to complete their testing and reconvene the meeting. Since our first meeting was on February 1st, and the school was out all of last week for mid-winter break, my calculations put that 30 day deadline at March 22nd. That feels like forever, but really it’s just a few more weeks. I am torn between hoping that they find that he does not fit the qualifications for PDD-NOS (because, well you know, I’m still in denial a bit here), and desperately hoping that they find something, since without some sort of concensus from the testing, he will lose out on much of the special services we’re hoping for (including his mentor, who has been our saving grace these last few months). The school wants to help him as much as we do, but without a qualifying diagnosis, their hands are pretty much tied. So we wait. And hope. And try not to strangle anyone bide our time.

I did get a little glimpse of a test result from his mentor a few weeks ago. We already knew that his reading is advanced (as well as his math skills). In our IEPT meeting last month, his teacher and mentor mentioned that he was reading at a second grade level, and his math was at a first-to-second grade level. Just before break, his beloved Mrs. C mentioned that they had tested his reading that day, and that he scored above second grade level. My little kindergartener is reading at a third grade level. Go figure! It feels good to know there’s something he doesn’t need help with.

Don’t mind the rambling. The waiting is making me a little batty.


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  1. March 8, 2006 at 7:49 pm

    Wow… Wow…Wow!!!! Steph, how cool!!!! Way to go mom! He’s doing great! I do see your fear about him loosing such a great aide. It seems that the school system tends to only look at the academics when it comes to being a successful student and not the whole child. I am crossing my fingers for you :o)


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