I got an email from Reed’s mentor, the fabulous Mrs. C (no really, that’s what we call her. It’s not just an anonymity thing). Beginning next week, he will be moved to the gifted class for his Language arts (reading and such). He will spend the bulk of every morning there. The school feels that a large part of his misbehavior is stemming from boredom (I’ve suspected the same since pre-k), so they’re moving him to a more challenging environment. Mrs. C will come with him, and feels that this will be an excellent opportunity for him to excel at the thing he loves most: reading.

I’ve been hearing that word a lot lately from school. They were supposed to administer an intelligence test as part of his Special Ed testing, and I’m guessing he must have scored pretty well. They’ve asked me to have him practice typing on the computer at home, so they can direct him to more advanced websites during his computer time at school. Um, okay. That suggestion’s not been such a big hit with Reed, who was totally unimpressed by the games on my typing program, and completely refuses to do the actual exercises on the disc. It doesn’t help that the program is built for people much older, with bigger hands, and faster reflexes. The lowest setting on the game was 8 years old, so it’s just a bit beyond him.

It’s hard not to gloat. I mean, seriously, doesn’t every parent secretly want to hear that their child is gifted? It’s just so nice to finally have some good news.


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  1. March 10, 2006 at 11:09 pm

    “Gifted” who wouldn’t want that label? Finally a label that doesn’t carry a stigma and you do not have to wonder who is going to pay for the therapy. Amazing. Congratulations! Gifted is a wonderful word I think every parent secretly would love to hear in any reference to their child.

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