Lost focus

I have no reasonable excuse for where I’ve been. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to blog about. Owen has finally conquered his eating issues, and is talking like mad. I should be writing volumes about this. Reed has finished Kindergarten, and will be entering the gifted class for First grade full time in the fall. That should be cause for celebration. I’m not really sure why I haven’t been moved to talk about it until now. I’ve just been a bit pre-occupied lately.

So on to the good stuff. Let’s start with Reed. He finished Kindergarten with flying colors. His report card showed improvement in every single category (especially the social skills). Because some of the Kindergarten classes are integrated with 1st grade, his school doesn’t do Kindergarten graduation. I was a little disappointed, but I’ll get over it. I don’t think Reed would have enjoyed it as much as I would anyway. He was less than thrilled at pre-k gradutation last year. A little too chaotic and unpredictable, despite the numerous practice runs they did beforehand. But Kindergarten is a big step, and there ought to be something to mark it’s completion.

Reed spent last weekend at Papa and Nana’s again. It went much better this time. I explained to her ahead of time (again, but this time she listened a little better) about his need for structure and routine. Apparently they got the hint, because the weekend went off without a hitch. They even called me mid visit, to proclaim how fabulously he was behaving. What a relief. My wonderful little sister (the much-revered “Auntie”) came over to help me capitalize on his absense and try to bring some order to my chaotic house.

And now on to the even better news. Owen is talking! Seriously, totally vocal. Woo. Hoo. I cannot begin to express to you what a relief it is that all of a sudden, about 3 weeks ago, Owen started talking and he hasn’t looked back. The same week that he started talking, he also started eating. I have no earthly idea what was holding him up all these months, but who really cares? There is no feeling better than the first time your baby says sleepily “lev ooo” as he blows you kisses at bedtime.

I really can’t top that. Quite frankly, who could?


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