Questions for the wise and pretty Autism Bloggers

I have been wrestling lately with the how’s and when’s of discussing Reed’s autism with him. My original intention was to wait until he asked and then sit him down and explain it to him. I assumed at the time that he would eventually recognize his difference and be curious about it (especially since he’s mainstreamed in school with and EA and soundfield). Lately, however, I’m doubting that decision. What if he’s noticed this, but hasn’t brought it up? What does it matter if he understands it at all?

 He’s heard me talk about autism a lot. He even helped me with my Autism Awareness Month scrapbook page (“Reed, do you like the black smudgy things or the white ones better?” “White.”). Yet, he didn’t ask. Does he not get it yet, or does he not care? I’m so confused.

So my questions are these:

  1. Does your child know they have autism?
  2. When did you tell your child they are autistic?
  3. Did they bring it up first, or did you?
  4. If you haven’t talked with your child yet (either because you don’t plan to or because they’re not ready yet), how/when do you plan to do it?

Your insights into these matters are always so helpful to me. You lovely ladies always seem to think these things through better than I do. I guess I’m still a little too new at this.


Cuteness to the nth degree

So the kids and I went on a massive cleaning spree today (mostly because they trashed the entire house this morning while Heath tried to work on it, but it needed it anyway). While helping Reed sort through his bag of valentines from school that has been sitting on the dining room table (and MUST.NOT.BE.TOUCHED), I convinced him to keep a few favorites and toss the rest (hooray!). This one, thankfully, made the keeper pile. How adorable is this? This isn’t the first note that has come home from the cute-as-a-button Felicity (who was his first real friend this year). I think this might be the first officially sanctioned one though (it came attached to a Valentine’s Day pencil on a school-delivered “Sweet Gram”).


Time flies when you’re in over your head

I’ve been wrestling lately with feeling old. Every time I tell someone how old Reed is, or what grade he’s in, it hits me square in the face. My little brother is getting married, and while it seems like he shouldn’t be old enough to do that yet, when I was his age, I had been married for 4 years and had a 3 year old and another one on the way. My little sister will officially no longer be a teenager in a few weeks. She’s the baby of the family. Where has half my life gone? I swear time has sped up on me the last 10 years or so.

Oops, enough pity party for me. Things are great here. My computer is up and running again (well, sort of. I have a completely new one and no access to anything that was on the old one, but it’s better than nothing -which incidentally was what I had before, lol). I was referred to a possible job lead by a friend this week, so I’m excited about that. Reed’s school is having a workshop for parents of kids with special needs and the staff that works with them. I’m really looking forward to that.  There are very few major medical dramas in our immediate future (Owen has to have a repeat MRI but that’s it). What more could I want?

Well, other than for stupid Michigan to get it’s act together and warm the heck up! LOL

Here is my annual scrapbook page in honor of Autism Awareness month. I’m using it as the profile picture for pretty much every site I belong to this month.

April is Autism Awareness Month