Can I have one? Pretty please?

Ok, I don’t normally do this, but I want this diaper bag so badly. Go here to enter too. Since Owen’s in the midst of potty training, I’ve had to resurrect the diaper bag, which I had stopped carrying for a long time. We need spare clothes and pull ups, plus the travel potty seat thing. All these things would technically fit in my purse, but who wants that? So I’ve entered to win a fab little diaper bag and want to win it ever so badly, since I could never in a million years convince Heath I need to buy another one with Owen on his way to being out of diapers.

 Steph of Strollermama has such awesome taste. I totally wish she was my best friend. Hey, since we have the same name, think anybody will believe it’s me? No? Ah well, worth a shot. ;]